Quality Management System Standards of Food Safety ISO 22000:2005.


"Dilijan" naked celebrities mineral water factory was established in 1947 and was one of the first and well-known companies producing mineral water not only in Armenia, but also in the USSR.


In 1950 - 1972 the factory installed new semi-automatic and automatic water bottling line, that enabled the factory to increase the quality and the quantity of its production several times.


Thanks to its curative qualities, "Dilijan" water was popular. For medical purposes, "Dilijan" mineral water factory delivered over 8 500 000 bottles of water annually to many resorts and guest-houses throughout USSR.


The cartoon porn comics water factory continued to work even after collapse of the Soviet Union.


In 1995 the company was privatized and became an Open Stock Company.


Although gay male sex the volumes of production decreased during those year, but thanks to its quality, "Dilijan" water became known to international market.


The videos porno gay water in glass bottles was exported to Moscow, and waster in plastic bottles was exported to USA.


The "Dilijan" water consumption levels were gradually increasing, however the equipment and production capacity didn't allow to meet the demands and nowadays production requirements. A decision for a major investment was made to completely modernize the factory.


Thus, famous people the owner of the factory made this investment. The entire factory became a big construction site.


Architectural mobile porn sites solutions were offered and construction of the modern and well equipped production facility, spacious warehouse, comfortable office space and the  annex building started. The overall site was planned to be in harmony with the nature.


A celebrity porn modern water production equipment was imported from the Czech "NATE", German "GERNEP", Italian "SIPA" and French "BABCOCK WANSON" companies and installed by these companies engineering staff.


Now the minimal production capacity is as follows:
0.5 l glass bottle water, 2 types - 8000 bottles/hour
0.5 hentai porn games plastic bottle water - 5800 bottles/hour
1 naked celebrities l plastic bottle water  -  5300 bottles/hour


The naked celebrities production capacity and water supply make it possible to have a two-ship work schedule.


The factory has a qualified staff who get regular engineering and technical trainings. Now the company is working towards exporting its production by train and by sea to different destinations.


"Dilijan" Hardcore Porn factory now bottles mineral and spring water of "Dilijan" brand and exports its productions to CIS and other foreign countries.